We offer a wide variety of dental services to meet your family’s oral health.


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First and foremost is our hygiene program led by our registered dental hygienist, Tiffanie Word.  Regular professional cleanings are essential to promote keeping your teeth happy and healthy for your while life.  These visits allow us to take care of small things while they are small.  Getting your kids into the habit of getting their teeth cleaned regularly will pay great dividends as they grow into adults and leave the nest.

We all want to have a pretty smile and we can help with braces for children and adults along with cosmetic dentistry.  Braces are no longer just a kid’s sport and many mature adults are taking advantage of orthodontics for an improved appearance and function. We are all different and we all need a complete diagnosis and treatment plan prior to the start of any treatment. The results have been wonderful.


Sadly, sometimes we just have ugly teeth and we just don’t like to smile. Technology has dramatically changed the way dentistry approaches this problem.  We have excellent bleaching techniques which work really well when lightening up is all that is desired. When your teeth are really ugly we can cover them with really pretty porcelain crowns that are just drop dead gorgeous.  You will finally have the pretty smile you always wanted.  They are beautiful, comfortable, efficient, and they last a long time.



Anxiety concerning dentistry is normal; don’t feel bad about feeling fear before ANY appointment.  It is much better to deal with your feelings honestly rather than suffer by avoiding a needed procedure. Dr. Sheppard is certified by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners in the use of oral sedatives that produce as mild level of sedation (Level 1).  You will feel relaxed and at ease for the whole procedure.  You may not remember much of the day and you may not drive or make important decisions after taking the pill.  The ladies in the office have added dusting, vacuuming, cooking, dishes, and laundry to the things that you should not do that day! The medicine is Halcion and is very safe when used as directed.  We monitor vital signs during all procedures. We strongly recommend that you consider this aid if you feel any anxiety about dental appointments.



Dentistry for children is a major focus for our practice.  Kids are loads of fun and are routinely better patients than their parents.  We offer a wide range of children’s services, including restorative and orthodontics.  We utilize an oral liquid mild sedative agent when Mom thinks it would be helpful.


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Root canal therapy can save a tooth and return it to comfortable and efficient service.

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When teeth have been lost and need to be replaced implants have become a method of choice to do the job.  For years we have heard from patients “Just take it out Doc, and screw in a new one”.  An implant is about as close as we will ever get to that but it takes a little longer than he had in mind. Implants are terrific, an answer to prayer, actually, but not appropriate for all situations.  So as always a proper diagnosis and treatment must be done to get the right answer for your situation. Ideally we want to preserve your natural teeth in healthy function but if that is not possible then implants represent an excellent restorative and cosmetic replacement concept.